DSC00555.JPGhorse2011DSC00557.JPGleaf 2011 could help me designs camo flagus for colthes and outdoor gear like boots,sweetshirts,jacktsand pantsand paint leafs on trucksDSC08439.JPGflower 2011 i think in the furter that i could draw flowers on peoples walls and in there bedrooms and kicthen and on bulidingDSC08437.JPGfruit 2011 i think that in the future that i could become good at drawing fruits and i think that could draw fruits on peoples walls for little kids or adults.DSC08436.JPGhot tube 2011 ithink that i could become better at drawing pools and design pools that people want in the furture that can be cool pool designs.DSC00556.JPG

´╗┐skittles 2011 i think by taking art class that it could make me a better at drawing and could help me when i get older by becoming a better artist and could help me to become a painter and paint on walls and othere things .